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Take Action

If you support your schools and want to stand up for them, here are quick ways you can get started:

  • Start posting your support

    Post the good news about Texas public schools on social media.

  • Use sample letters, editorials

    Find models that can help you speak up in local media or in presentations. 

  • Take action locally

    It's remarkably easy to begin to speak out on behalf of public schools.

  • Wear the red wristband

    You can support public schools without having to say a word. Wristbands are available at TASB conferences.

Stand Up for Texas Public Schools

Tell a story to illustrate a truth

Stories spark our interest. Well-told stories hold our attention and hook us to hear the end of the tale. When confronted with negative statements such as “schools are failing,” “teachers don’t work hard,” and “there is fat in the school budgets,” be prepared to tell a true story.

Respond to detractors


Make it a point to voice your opinion. However big or small, your contribution will help combat the vocal minority’s negativity about public schools.

You don’t have to be disagreeable or confrontational. Your response can begin with “Another way to look at that is...” or “That’s not been my experience...” Make your voice heard by:

  • Writing a letter to the editor of the local newspaper,
  • Giving a presentation to civic groups or service clubs,
  • Submitting comments at the end of online news stories and editorials, and
  • Calling in to radio shows.

Share something positive in social media

Every one of us is a reporter with a “news outlet” we can use as we wish. Social media is easy, fast, and free, and a surefire way to make a difference instantly. The next time you see a positive news story about Texas public schools, share the link on Facebook and Twitter, or encourage people to watch videos from the TASB Student Video Contest.

Sample letters and editorials

Here are some samples to get you started: