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The Stand Up for Texas Public Schools website is a part of a campaign launched by the Texas Association of School Boards in cooperation with a campaign launched at the national level by the National School Boards Association.

The system of public education in this country is the way we ensure that ALL children in this country have the opportunity to learn and grow into productive adults. The system is for the common good, and that’s why we all pay taxes for schools. We are all benefited by an educated populace.

  • Academic excellence

    When compared with other states, Texas' graduation rate is among the top five in the nation according to the 2016-17 National Center for Education Statistics report.

  • Money issues

    Texas is ranked 44th in per-pupil funding among the 50 states and District of Columbia.

  • Competition

    In recent years, alternatives have multiplied and don't necessarily deserve support. Texas public schools provide great classroom experiences. Put our money where more than 90 percent of the kids are.

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