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Special Services

  • Special education

    Whether a student struggles with vision or mobility or autism or other issues, public schools work to help all students succeed.

  • Health and wellness programs

    Students have access to medical professionals who are focused on the student’s well-being.

  • Transportation services

    Many students take advantage of the district-provided buses to get to school and home every day.

  • Breakfast/Lunch for qualifying students

    We all know that hungry children don’t learn as well, so food is provided to help ensure their ability to concentrate.

Academics and more

Texas public schools offer an almost dizzying array of special services for the children of this state. In addition to all the many options in the classroom, students often benefit from a team of professionals representing various disciplines.

Guidance services are especially helpful for students who are the first in their families to apply to college or who are seeking university programs that address specific courses of study or offer targeted scholarship offerings. As students reach the right age, they may find a driver education program to help them qualify for their license.

The public school community provides a nurturing environment that supports learning and growth for all students.

Extra help

This kind of added assistance is usually not available in school settings other than public schools. 

The public school offering is filled with options—both in the classroom and in the support services that recognize the needs of a student as a whole and not just in the classroom—to give students the edge they need to prepare themselves for a bright future.