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Since 2006 the number of students attending Texas public schools has risen 16.8%25 while state per-student funding has decreased 5%25.

Each year, Texas public schools admit an additional 80,000 students. Infographic source

Texas public schools educate 90 percent of school-age children. Keep public tax dollars where they benefit the most children!

In Texas, 90% of students are in public schools. Infographic source

TX public schools welcome all students

Texas public schools welcome all students, while charter schools choose who they admit. Infographic source

Texas high school graduation rate is 88%25, higher than the national average of 81%25

In 2014, Texas’ graduation rate was 88.3%, an all-time high for the state. This marks the seventh consecutive year the rate has increased. Infographic source

Texas Public Schools admit 80,000 additional students each year

Texas public schools are home to more than five million students, and admit an additional 80,000 students annually. Infographic source

Texas Public School Students have higher math scores than national average

Fourth and eighth graders take the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) in mathematics each year. In 2015, Texas students scored a 244, higher than the national average of 240. Infographic source

38.7%25 of Texas Graduates took Advanced Placement Exams in 2016.

The number of Texas graduates who took at least one Advanced Placement Program exam last year was 122,606. Texas ranked above the national average of 36.2 percent. According to the College Board, Texas was again the closest state to achieving equitable participation for low-income students. Infographic source