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Great Teachers

  • Highly qualified teachers

    More than 99 percent of Texas public schools teachers are rated highly qualified in the subject area they teach, according to federal guidelines.

  • More experience

    More tenured teachers bring their rich experience to the classroom. Teachers in traditional public schools have an average of 11.3 years of experience, while charter school teachers have an average of 4.1 years.

  • Innovation in every aspect of learning

    Get motivated by the inventive teaching and joy-filled learning going on in public school classrooms all over the state.

  • Dedicated professionals with a passion to teach

    Listen to the heartfelt stories of public school teachers of the year.

Highly qualified teachers

Texas Education Agency's Highly Qualified Teacher Reports show the number and percentage of highly qualified teachers in Texas public schools. Search by state, region, district, or campus level.

Dedicated professionals with a passion to teach

Rhonda Peña, 2019 Texas Elementary Teacher of the Year
“Our students are our future,” said Rhonda Peña, 2019 Texas Elementary Teacher of the Year. “They deserve to have every ounce of our efforts to help guide them toward a productive life. By building a relationship with each of our students, we are also building the respect that they will have for us, for each other, and for themselves, and we are setting the path towards a successful life.”  Read the full story.

Jeff Wheatcraft, 2019 Texas Secondary Teacher of the Year
“Over the past four years, I have been charged with the creation and caretaking of our school’s STEM program,” said Jeff Wheatcraft, 2019 Texas Teacher of the Year (and Texas Secondary Teacher of the Year). “I have worked collaboratively with other teachers and the administration to craft a program that has enhanced the learning opportunities of our students while changing the school’s culture, especially regarding young women in STEM fields.”  Read the full story.