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Texas public schools are performing better than ever. But don’t just take our word for it—the numbers speak for themselves.

  • SAT, AP exam participation rates in Texas continue to climb

    Continuing a successful trend seen throughout this decade, the 2014-15 SAT and Advanced Placement exam participation rates for Texas public school students increased again over the previous school year.

  • Class of 2014 graduation rate sets new mark

    Texas high school on-time graduation rate set by the class of 2014 reflects another all-time high for the state and marks the seventh consecutive year the overall rate has increased.

  • Class of 2015 STAAR end-of-course exam passing rate hits 92 percent

    Passing rates above 90 percent in each subject for various student groups indicate that school district staff and students are addressing the increased rigor of the EOC testing program.

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